Kitchen design is the process of gathering the ideas on the specific arrangement of major kitchen appliances such as; countertops, storage units spacing, surface and design details that bring out a flexible cooking space and a desirable space for family socialization.

Are you stranded on deciding the best type of kitchen design to go for? Here we are going to provide you with expert advice on the best design ideas, tips, and guides on the modern kitchen designs to choose from. This page contains the best collection of ideas from planners and kitchen landscaping experts with practically proven designs of the most beautiful dream kitchen ideas. Kitchen enthusiast has different preferences on kitchen layouts, and here we have some few arrangements to discuss.

The L-shaped layout

The L-shaped kitchen layout is mostly preferred when the kitchen space is minimal, and the owner requires extra space, for free movement and efficient use of space. This type of layout consists of two perpendicular walls adjoining to form the L shape.

The U-shaped kitchen layout

This layout is compared to a horseshoe layout. It comprises of three walls covered by walls of cabinet or appliances. Nowadays a U-shaped layout has been improved by designing in the form of the L shape then the addition of the island design is added to form the other wall. This design works well with the spacious kitchen space so that it provides a smooth workflow around the island.

Peninsula layout

This type of layout is the addition of an island to the typical horseshoe kitchen to form a G- shaped design. This type of plan tends to occupy more space hence the space to move around the island may be smaller.

New kitchen cost

The prices of the new kitchen vary depending on the preferences and choice of the owners. In Australia, location matters, the cost of setting up a new kitchen in Sydney is a bit higher, say $23,000, compared to the current rate of $17,000 on the average kitchen. The standard kitchen cost amounts to $42,000 while the luxury kitchen ranges from $45000 to $100,000.

Kitchen remodelling order

Remodelling the kitchen is a procedural process. First, we demolish the old setting. And Homeowner should get rid of unnecessary stuff. The owner can also choose to retain some material to reduce the renovation cost.

After demolition, the plumbing and electrical work should now be underway. This rough stage may also involve any framing job necessary. Then finally, this stage should be well inspected before moving to the next step.

After the inspection, it is now time to install taps, electrical socket and then priming. Priming is the application of a thin version of a white paint coat to seal the drywall. This stage involves the installation of door s and windows if new ones where to be replaced too.

Countertops, faucets, sinks, light fixtures, and new appliances should be next before finishing up with the renovation process. This process involves the installation of back-splash tiles too.

The final renovation process will be the installation of ceiling and flooring, among other finishing.

Effect of Kitchen Remodeling On Home Value

If you want to increase the value of your home before selling it, the kitchen is the hottest place to make things happen. People always remodel their kitchen just because of so many reasons. Still, the larger percentage knows that the kitchen is the attraction point for most home buyers. Furthermore, 2018 research conducted at the joint centre for housing studies at Harvard University. The prediction states that remodelling increases the cost of home purchase by 7.5%

Benefits of Having Custom Kitchen

During the renovation and redesigning of your kitchen, customization is a crucial factor. Customizing your kitchen brings a sense of uniqueness that differentiates your kitchen theme with others.

Customizing your kitchen means investing in unique craftsmanship, quality of materials finishing, among other features that make your kitchen last longer and increase the value addition.

The customized texture of cabinets, glass, and stone gives perfect distinction characteristics of their own. The craftsmanship also brings total uniqueness primarily when we focus on painting and finishing.